Almost everyone has probably already asked themselves the question: what is "art" actually?

 Art is an expression of thoughts that can be made visible in unlimited different ways.

 The philosopher Immanuel Kant said, "Have the courage to serve you of your own mind."

 This core sentence is applicable on every artist and is aimed to all creative minds who want to

create their own kind of art.

 I belong to those who move away from standard photography and pursue new approaches.

 My view and interpretation of art is very different.

I use the standard photography and at the same time the image alienation.

I have been told many times that I create unusual but meaningful pictures.

These images contain visible as well as hidden messages for the viewer. 

However, the essence of art is the ability to look beyond the boundaries instead of

stagnating in the own development.   

Creating own art, following the thought of Kant, using the own mind and representing the true

different is my "artistic path" I will always follow.