In The Boundaries Of Tomorrow

“In The Boundaries Of Tomorrow“


My picture compositions address the topic of pollution. They visualize the suffering of the people as a consequence of environmental poisoning.”Polluted air”, “chemical toxins” and “nuclear radiation” are part of the most dangerous kinds of pollution. The pictures scream, protest and warn about the consequences of increasing industrialization.
In the visions of the future the human being breathes in the toxic air “in the boundaries of tomorrow” and causes much environmental damage in his environment by industrialization. How far these visions of the future are from reality we will surely soon experience.

The series of pictures is a protest and at the same time a warning to every person about what will happen in future if we do not change our attitude towards the environment. Every person has the right to clean air to breathe. We are not indifferent to our environment, are we? We want to live healthily and conscious of our environment. Is that really so?
For many pollution is a difficult topic. Surely everyone is asking themselves if we cannot change anything? – Definitely. Many know about it, but some just don’t care. “The boundaries of tomorrow” symbolize the catastrophic consequences of pollution. The human being recognizes the deadly danger that has done him so much harm. Pollution by industrialization will accompany us to the limits of pain. Has our fate already been sealed?

The unstoppable path of humankind leads us up to the “boundaries of tomorrow” where pain, illnesses, resignation and our end is awaiting us.
The series of pictures raises the following questions:

·       Have we reached the limit of what the environment can take?

·       When will the limit of what the environment can take be reached?

·       When won’t we be able to breathe anymore?

·       Why are we doing this to ourselves?

·       Is our end unstoppable?

·       Do we have to continue to live like this?

Insidious poisons that surround us and that we carry in us make us ill. Industries, especially nuclear power and chemical industries burden us with poisonous waste. The increasing pollution of the soil by heavy metals which is caused by industrial plants is a deadly burden for the people. The production of chemicals is steadily increasing. Chemical industry is developing new chemical substances which are not examined systematically for damage they might do to people. Interaction between various chemicals can hardly be examined. More accurate test methods are not used for financial reasons or because of the time they take. Only standard methods are applied.

Fine dust is one of the greatest causes of pollution. It is alarming that the number of respiratory diseases is steadily increasing. We have already strained our environment with toxic waste to an extent that makes the risks unmanageable. The worst of it is that the results of the damage are not immediately evident, but that it will take years to show how ill mankind have become. Ultimately it will show what we have done to ourselves. New and unexpected illnesses might develop from the mixture of poisons. Time will tell what  scary surprise is awaiting us.