About my Art


Between dream and nature

Anyone can do photography- a sentence unfortunately still uttered quite often today - a misjudgement. Taking a snapshot, yes, but to take a photograph sensitively and sensibly, aesthetically and following a concept? That is art, challenge, adventure and fascination.
Christoph Woloszyn is one of those who work their cameras professionally and innovatively. The man from Hagen uses light, technical effects and materials for the alienation of a motif to bring it closer to us, but in a different constellation and from a different point of view. The familiar becomes strange, the unknown exciting and new. For years this artist whose development has progressed amazingly fast and consequently has worked at his programme, his subjects and his stylistic direction. In his experimental imagery he works as a surrealist.
That means in this case:
Woloszyn surpasses reality and truth  in his motifs.
The body is used as a link between nature and construction, human being and lines. Mysterious structures develop from light and carry its shine into an external world. He captures the human scream, all in line with Edvard Munch’s painting, as an expression of a mythical landscape of the soul.
His pictures from the series “
Waiting” turn out more realistic: People in nursing homes who are “tied” down to waiting (what for?).

His Oeuvre shows that Woloszyn formerly worked as a painter and sketcher . Precision and the vitality of colouring stand for that. Since 2005 he has changed to digital photography. Ever since graphics tablet and screen along with his camera have been his permanent companions – tools that opened up a new artistic cosmos for him.

Christoph Woloszyn was born in Poland in 1959. He has been living in Hagen with his family since 1987. 
In 2010 he took up his study of “Photo design” at the “Institut für Bildende Kunst und Kunsttherapie” (
Institute of Fine Arts and Art Therapy ) in Bochum. He holds exhibitions in galleries and houses that are open to art photography. In his creative work he individually takes up questions, techniques and the Avandgardismus of the 20s of the last century to react as an artist to developments and discoveries of one Sigmund Freud. Psychoanalysis has up to this day become a complicated but exciting journey into the dream, the transcendental and the super temporal. Nature and body are used as symbolic forces in his photographic paths. In these metamorphosis’s he varies the eternal topic: the human longing for harmony,for being one (with the natural environment), for “true” beauty.
Woloszyn is not yet a “complete” artist – who could say that about themselves?
He faces tasks and examines them technically and according to motives until he is satisfied: a philosophical.

One may yet expect much of his struggle for “the” picture. In this he will need attention, recognition und understanding partners. All this I wish for him. This photographer deserves interest and promotion.
One may, one must recommend him!

Jörg Loskill, Art historian, author and editor,
40 years cultural editor of the WAZ