About me

Christoph Woloszyn (Photographer)


I belong to the artist group "Künstler-Initiative Gelsenkirchen", "Kunst in der City.”

My view and interpretation of art is very different. I use standard photography and at the same time
image modification. 
I have been told many times that I create unusual but also expressive images.
These are pictures with both visible and hidden messages for the viewer. 

However, the essence of art is to look beyond the borders, instead of just staying in creative development.
Creating one's own kind of art, following one's own thoughts, using one's own intellect and representing the
real in a different way, that's my kind that will always follow. 

In my experimental visual language I work as a surrealist. In my motifs I go beyond the real and the substantial.
I alienate my photographic motifs through light, through technical effects, through materials to bring it closer to
the viewer, but in a different constellation and perspective.


In 2010, I studied "photo design" at the art academy IBKK in Bochum with 

a degree in photo design. For many years I have been engaged in art photography. Self-developed photo projects,
are worked out and converted by me. Numerous art exhibitions and art fairs, both national and international
mark my artistic path. 


Art fairs:

Berlin List 2016

Art Innsbruck 2017 

Spectrum Miami Art Fair 2018

ArtExpo New York 2019



Rome, Miami, New York, Gelsenkirchen, Hagen, Varel/Obenstrohe,
Wiesloch, Bochum, Herne, Fröndenberg, Mülheim, Münster.